Rescued mini horse was ignored by other animals, but then he met a dog

When Spanky was introduced to Francesca Carsen and her boyfriend Steve Rother, the couple learned the 2-year-old mini horse is very aggressive with other animals and humans as well. But they also knew the tiny creature desperately needs a home and since they run a ranch they didn’t not hesitate for a second to adopt him.

The couple had plenty of experience with other rescued animals, so they accepted the challenge right away. “We went to take a look and saw the little 2-year-old horse was making it known he was the boss of everyone,” Francesca told The Dodo. “So we agreed.”

Even at his new home, Spanky was indeed very impulsive in the presence of other beings. But even so, Francesca and Steve offered him nothing but love. They also showed a lot of patience and the mini-horse started to show signifiant improvements of his behavior. However, they was still unable to convince him to interact with other animals. But everything was about to change when Dally came in.

Dally was only a few months old when Francesca took her home, as no one wanted to adopt her. Since the beginning the tiny puppy was obsessed with the miniature horse. “Dally would sit on the step stool and watch me work with Spanky, ” their mom said. “Wherever he was, she wanted to be.”

Even Dally’s intentions were very clear, Spanky initially repaid her with ignorance. He wasn’t aggressive at all in her presence, though. But one day, Francesca could not believe her eyes when spotted the tiny dog ridding on the horse’s back. It was the beginning of a special friendship.

“After a few months she hopped up onto Spanky’s back from the step stool … and that day they became inseparable,” the woman said. ” Now she loves riding her pony and feels pretty important. She no longer needs the step stool, she jumps on Spanky’s back from the ground.”

Now Spanky and his doggy best friend share an unbreakable bond and they love spending their time together. From eating to napping, or playing, the two are inseparable. But they love the most going adventures together. And Spanky is more than happy to take his beloved buddy everywhere.

Inspired by their adorable story, Francesca decided to write a book about them, which later became an inspiration for a movie.

h/t: https: thedodo | Instagram

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