Rescued wombat is too lazy to take his meals – his antics has internet in stitches

This little fella knows there is no better way to overcome any situation, but being “chilled.” Even though he had been through a lot, Phoenix – the rescued wombat just can’t give up his old habits. He loves to relax all day long. In fact, he’s so lazy he can’t even take his own meals. However, he found the most hilarious way to keep his belly full.

When first brought at the Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary in Australia, volunteers feared he would struggle to adapt as Phoenix look exhausted. He’d been kept captive as a pet his entire life. But it did’t took too long until the wombat showed his true personality.

One evening, when he got his meal the staff at the sanctuary noticed something really hilarious at their new member. Instead of eating his meal normally, Phoenix chose a different approach. Laying down on his back, the funny wombat tried to eat upside down.

Thankfully, the sanctuary shared the hilarious moment on Facebook. Needless to say the wombat’s chill mood put everyone in stitches. “I am not sure I can show you a more ‘chilled’ wombat,” Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary wrote in a Facebook post. “Clearly settled in as you can see! I have my work cut out for me, me thinks!”

Watch the hilarious moment bellow!

h/t: thedodo

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