Rescuers fail to save herd of trapped flood horses, but these women come up with unexpected plan

Sometimes a rescue operation could turn into a headache, especially when it’s a herd of more than one hundred horses to be saved. That’s what happened in the Netherlands, after a powerful storm caused some massive floods.

As a result of some heavy rains, the water level around the Great Netherlands Horse Rescue went extremely high and the horses from there got trapped on a very small land. And not only the poor animals were running out of space, but they started to get scared too, therefore the rescue mission turned out to be an impossible one.

Since already have passed two days with the horses stuck in that small mud-covered land, and the authorities have failed to find a plan to get them out of there, the story went viral and now the Great Netherlands Horse Rescue kept the headlines all over the world.

But the things were about to get even worse, as the weather forecast announced more heavy rains. The animals fate seemed to be sealed. So everyone’s concern was a working plan to save the poor animals. It is when seven women came up with a brilliant idea.

The female riders and their horse rode in, hoping the trapped horses will fallow them. And guess what? That’s exactly what happened. And if you ask why, well, apparently the answer is simple: it is in the horses nature to move into herds, therefore when they’ve seen other horses getting through the mud and water, made them to fallow!

Watch the whole rescue operation, bellow!

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