Researchers say this is why cats give us positive energy


Well, it shouldn’t be surprising that cat owners are worshiping their feline friends, since the Egyptians venerate them as gods. Therefore, the science may have an answer regarding our deep connection with cats.

What’s odd, though, is how different humans and cats are. You have to go back 80 million years to see the ancestor of both cats and humans before they evolved apart. Despite people and felines evolving very differently, the two are strongly linked. More than 30% of the American households have a cat as one of their family members.

Unlike dogs, cats are more like solitary animals. That makes them really difficult to control. Shortly, we can’t really teach a cat how to do anything. More than that, you won’t see a cat showing the same affection as a dog does, like ever. But despite all those dissimilarities, cats are undeniably cute and they make our homes happier.

According to science, cats first came into human settlements 10,000 years ago. And at first the felines acted like foxes or raccoons by scavenging our food. Further, the researches believe the reason why humans started welcoming cats into the home, and not foxes or raccoons, is because they remind us of human babies. And that is what they call the “cat factor.”

This interesting theory was founded by the Austrian zoologist Konrad Lorenz. According to his believes, those animals defined by humans as cute have the same characteristics as a human baby. Namely, these cute characteristics are as follows: large eyes, big round heads, small noses, plump face and body, short arms and legs and small chins. And cats have all those qualities. Therefore, our human nature sees them as helpless creatures, so all we want to show them is kindness.

However, anyone who has ever seen a cat hunt down a mouse knows that in actual fact a cat isn’t at all helpless. But when a cat is snuggling in our home or purring up at us, the things became completely different. We just forget that, and it’s all because of how it reminds our caveman instincts of a baby.

However, there are many people out there who’re saying that cats actually cause humans more harm than good. Still, if you are about to ask any cat owner in the world he will say that, no, their cats actually do give off positive energy and make them happier.

In the end, whatever the science say, it doesn’t change the fact that humans love cats!