Retired military K9s struggle to find a home, until this Navy SEAL stepped in

For all the soldiers deployed over the seas, every day is a risk. And all that effort for a better, peaceful and free world. Still, there aren’t just men and women fighting for our freedom. These brave, intelligent dogs known as K9s are putting a boundless effort to maintain peace all over the world. However, these four-legged heroes can serve for ever. There’s a time when they have to retire, just like any other soldier.

And when they do it often happens to struggle with their new lifestyle. The reason is quite simple. K9s are not like regular dogs. They just can’t walk into the park or run for a ball. They aren’t designed to be a pet. And this lack of adaptability to a normal lifestyle  makes most of them “un-adoptable.”

Image: Warrior Dog Foundation/Facebook

Anyway, there are still some people out there willing to help those special dogs. And one of them is Mike Ritland, a retired Navy SEAL. A dog lover and a real patriot, Mike created a foundation designed to help retired K9s. Warrior Dog Foundation purpose is to help these dogs to live a normal, happy life after they’ve done their duty for the country.

Image: Warrior Dog Foundation/Facebook

So far the Texas based foundation managed to save more than 100 military dogs. But their wonderful work won’t stop here, as they’ll continue to make efforts in order to offer to retired K9s the respect they deserve.

Image: Warrior Dog Foundation/Facebook

Recently, Mike declared that “these dogs ask nothing of us and provide so much for our troops, for our police officers, for our communities, for our nation. For us to give these dogs what they deserve is both an honor and a pleasure. It’s important that these dogs are never forgotten.”

You can find out more about Mike’s initiative to offer these retired military dogs a better life by watching the video bellow!


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