Rooster shows up at auto shop one day and decides he works there now


It was a beautiful summer day at the R&R Garage located in Powells Point, North Carolina. All the employees were just showing up to start the work day when out of nowhere a big red rooster randomly walks up to the door, wanting to get in as if he was part of the team.

The crew, entertained by the confidence of the rooster, thought maybe someone had abandoned him, so they let him stick around. He was fed leftovers from the fridge which he happily ate, and then walked around the shop just following everybody.

However, they were all hope the rooster’s visit was temporarily, but when they realized the persistent bird wasn’t about to leave, they called him Earl and since then he became a full-time employee.

And because he does not own his own house to go after work, Earl is sleeping in the trees that surrounded the auto shop. Yet, during the rainy cold night he finds comfort inside the shop. And because he’s so early, the rooster shows up to the shop as soon as the first employee gets there.

“He comes running when the first guy comes in to open up for the day,” Joe Gallo, co-owner of R and R Garage, told The Dodo. “He gets his cup of scratch, then wanders the shop looking for any bugs that may be around. He gets up under all the toolboxes and workbenches looking for spiders and anything else he can find.”

And Earl is not acting like a regular employee, but more like a supervisor as he fallows all of his work colleagues around the place.

“He will come up in the shop and usually lay down and sleep under the car you’re working on or in a corner,” Gallo said. “He doesn’t care about loud noises or people walking by. He will even sleep in front of the office door and we’ve tripped over him a few times.”

Given his reputation, Earl is now a local star. Everyone in the local community who comes to get their car worked on knows about Earl now. They say he’s become the town’s celebrity.

“We can’t believe the attention Earl is getting … it’s the town gossip now,” Gallo said. “We do have customers that bring other friends or family to see Earl when they come pick up their vehicles. ”

No one knows why Earl has chosen to stay at the shop but everyone’s glad he does. He’s definitely made a big impression and has officially become part of the R&R Garage family.