Sad shelter dog finds comfort in elephant toy. After that, realizes they’re going home together

Even though they are nothing but loyal and gentle souls, and they expect nothing in return for the unconditional love they offer, millions of dogs are ending up on the streets for various reasons(all groundless if you ask me). Unfortunately, Smokey is among those animals forced to fend themselves.

Due to some misfortunate events Smokey’s family lost their home and the 5-year-old dog eventually ended up in a shelter. It was on Valentine’s Day when the confused pup stepped in to the Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center with fear in his little soul and tears in the eyes. He left nothing in the world, but an elephant toy in which Smokey found the comfort he needed

Those fast changes in a dog’s life are extremely stressful and the staff at the center know it, so they soon realized Smokey had to be put on to adoption with his stuffed grey elephant with pink ears, too. They even put a sign on the pup’s kennel that said they’re inseparable and they must be adopted together.

However, the things were getting worst for Smokey as no one wanted to adopt him. Therefore, there was no choice, but to be scheduled for being put down…Thankfully that never happened because two volunteers at the I Have A Dream Rescue Organization instantly fell in love with Smokey when first saw him and they decided to help him finding a foster home.

When hearing the news, Smokey couldn’t hide his enthusiasm and happiness. He just could not stop smiling at the thought he and his little stuffed fella will have a new home.

“He was sad and laying with his elephant until [volunteer] started to talk with him,” said Melissa Sutherland at the I Have A Dream center. “It is amazing what rescue does for dogs.”

h/t: boredpanda

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