Scientists have created a vaccine that stops allergy to cats


I personally know many people who simply adore cats, but they just cannot get any closer to them since they are allergic. Honestly, for a cat lover there’s no harder punishment than that! But thankfully, all of this could come to an and as a group of researchers have just created a vaccine that stops cat allergies.

According to the scientists, the vaccine is not for humans as we initially thought, but for the cats and in had already been tested on 54 cats at University Hospital Zurich in Switzerland, the Love Science reports. The vaccine has no toxic effects on the felines and according to the study, published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, most of the tested cats developed ‘an increase in the defensive cells required to destroy the Fel-d1 protein.’ The one whose responsible for for the allergies, the LADBible reports.

“Both human subjects and animals could profit from this treatment because allergic cat owners would reduce their risk of developing chronic diseases, such as asthma, and become more tolerant of their cats, which therefore could stay in the households and not need to be relinquished to animal shelters” the study says.

The company HypoPet, whose in charge with the study, declared themselves very satisfied regarding the results of the study.

“We are very pleased to publish this data which shows our HypoCat™ vaccine is able to produce high levels of antibodies in cats, and that these antibodies can bind and neutralize the Fel d 1 allergen produced by the animals,” Dr Gary Jennings, CEO of HypoPet AG, told in a statement.

Is reported that the vaccine will be available on the market, in less than three years. No more allergy when you want a cat cuddle!