Clever dog figures out buses, starts riding solo to the dog park

It is estimated that around 120 million passengers are using the Seattle’s public transportation system every year. Apparently, there is one among them that enjoys a worldwide fame. Everyone meet Eclipse, the most famous dog in Seattle! All because, the 2-year-old Lab is the kind of dog you won’t see every day. The reason!? hHr very special daily routine!

We’re all aware about the dogs strong personality and intelligence, but this one definitely takes the cake. All after she became a regular rider on Seattle’s D-Line bus. Turns out that Eclipse figured out how to ride the bus solo, and where else she might go if not at the dogs park!

The whole story began one day when Eclipse and her human dad were in the bus station. Apparently, the beautiful Lab was in a hurry and since her owner was delaying on purpose, she took the matter into her own paws. So when the bus stopped, the “smart girl” just jumped in, all by herself. Obviously, the next stop was at the playground.

Now, when Eclipse need some fresh air, she knows what she have to do. She just climbs aboard solo and rides to her favourite spot. As you can imagine, the bus regular passengers are nothing but delighted. But who wouldn’t be with such a famous traveller. “All the bus drivers know her. She sits here just like a person does,” fellow rider Tiona Rainwater told KOMO. “She makes everybody happy. How could you not love this face?”

Recently, a Facebook post detailing Eclipse’s special routine went viral, gaining hundreds of thousands of reactions. People from all over the world have absolutely felt in love with this clever ‘girl.’

Fortunately, Eclipse and her owner, Jeff Young live pretty close to a bus station. So when his beloved dog is not at home, Jeff knows exactly where to find her. “She’s a bus-riding, sidewalk-walking dog. I catch up with her at the dog park,” he said.  The adorable dog has become a regular passenger on the route, riding three or four stops before reaching her destination.

h/t: huffingtonpost

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