Security camera catches man doing the sweetest thing for a freezing stray dog

Empathy is a human trait that makes us understand the pain others feel and motivating to care for others. However, despite our ability to empathize, too many people tend to close their eyes and choose not to help. However, kindness is still out there with humans willing to help not only their kind, but animals as well. And this heart-warming scene in Turkey is the proof the faith in humanity is restored.

While there are millions of dog forced to live on the streets for whom the only comfort is loneliness, for this stray pup the miracle came just from someone it would have expected the less – a human being. A moment that could had been easily pass unnoticed, but a resident from the city of Giresun, Turkey was checking the security camera recordings when spotted the adorable scene.

Image credits: Facebook/Tuna Öztunç

The man was reviewing the security camera when witnessed a random act of kindness. As the city was facing some snowy, freezing days, a stray puppy was sitting in front of a house freezing when a stranger approached the poor little soul and gave him some food. But that’s not all as the Good Samaritan even took his jacket off and put it over the dog’s back.

Image credits: Giresun Municipality

Impressed by the gesture, the man with the camera took the social media in his attempt to identify the local hero. It turned out the kind-hearted man is Bülent Kalpakçıoğlu, a municipal worker in Giresun. Asked about his lovely gesture, he humbly said that was the least he could do.

Watch the heart melting scene here:

“If I did not give my jacket, it would have eaten at my conscience,” the hero told The Dodo. “While we are sitting warm at home, they are outside in the cold.”

Image credits: Giresun Municipality

But the man’s act of compassion did not passed unnoticed. Kalpakçıoğlu was awarded by the city’s mayor Kerim Aksu. “With this action, he gave a lesson in humanity,” Giresun mayor said.”Animals are our friends. We love people, we love our city, we love all living things that are an integral part of us and our city. ”

h/t: thedodo

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