Self-taught designer built an apartment under a bridge in Spain and nobody noticed

Society is an ensemble of regulations and rules, but sometimes these rules are giving us the feeling that we’re suffocating. And as a result people need to grasp their imaginative sides and break free from tightening influences — at the extremely least, even quite recently and once more. A man just did this in such a remarkable way. We’re talking about Fernando Abellanas, a Spanish self-taught designer.

Underneath of a bridge in Valencia, Spain, Abellanas has manged to create a novel safe house that incorporates racking, seating and even a resting space. His inspiration came after he recalled his “magical” youth experiences. As Fernando said, he used to assemble hiding places underneath the kitchen table. And this time, he wanted to reproduce that feeling of energy and flexibility in a very unusual area.

Abellanas imagined the venture to recover the enchantment that youngsters encounter when covering up under a table material, or inside some other mystery lair. His shelter is considered the perfect example of parasitic architecture. “The idea is, a visitor walks up the banked area and enters the plywood-lined metal shelter, then uses an available hand crank to move it along the bridge’s underside to where a bench, seat, and some shelving are waiting,” he said.



“My work as a designer consists [of] trying to implement the concerns relating to design, handicrafts and architecture which I come across on a daily basis. I observe, research and develop projects, in a self-taught way, with the only purpose of satisfying my own personal motivation. With the experience I acquired during years of work I collaborate with artists, interior designers and architects offering them design and manufacturing solutions. All this I do under the name of Lebrel,” the self-taught designer  Fernando Abellanas said.



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As he declared, this shelter is only the beginning of a collection of spaces that he has planned. In the video bellow you can see Abellanas’ adorable shelter!

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