Senior dog grabs his leash every day and goes to see his favorite person

Dogs are one of the most clever animals. Sometimes their actions make us wonder how is that even possible. From ridding buses to visit friends all by themselves, dogs never cease to amaze!

Cheddar the Golden Retriever had a normal dog life for eight years. He lived with a family who loved him very much and spoiled him rotten. But everything has changed the day one of his owners was diagnosed with cancer. This meant the family no longer had the time or resources to properly care for Cheddar, and he was put up for adoption. His life was about to change forever. But fortunately, it wouldn’t take too long for him to find a new forever home.

When Cheddar arrived at his new home, he picked up on something while walking through the neighborhood. As the couple stopped to say hello to their elderly neighbor, Cheddar took to the woman instantly. Now Jean and the Golden Retriever are best friends and inseparable! And that’s not all. The cute dog demands to see her every day and even throws a fit when he can’t.

When his owners don’t have enough time to take him to visit his dear friend, the dog do it all by himself. Cheddar will grab his leash and starts walking to let his owners know that he wants to go see Jean. If they walk in a different direction, the dog will tug on the leash toward Jean’s house! For whatever reason, Cheddar and Jean share an unspoken bond. But love needs no explanation! Watch their story in the video below.

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