Senior uses a cart to take his disabled dog for a walk every day

The bond between a dog and a human should be eternal. These special creatures are offering us pure love and faithfulness and they ask nothing in return. But at least we can do is to repay the favor.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen too often and so many senior dogs are left behind by those who they were loyal to. Yet, this old man in Italy shows us the proper way to honor the commitment between a man and his beloved fur companion.

While walking on the streets of Vibo Valentia, southern Italy, this woman witnessed a heart soaring scene. A senior gentleman was gently waking his beloved dog, using a cart. Later, the woman, who recorded the beautiful scene, found out the old lab was sick and unable to walk anymore. But, that doesn’t stop his owner to take him out for a walk, every single day.

The woman, named Sabrina Grotteria decided to share the video on Facebook, to show the whole world what love is all about. “I was so moved that I decided to post it on Facebook,” she told the Dodo.

According to the local media, the senior named Tonino Vitale and his 13-year-old dog, Dylan are frequently seen enjoying the day while walking on the streets of the city. A few years ago, Dylan was diagnozed with arthritis and since then he has big difficulties to use his legs. But that didn’t stop Tonino to give up to their daily routine.

“With Dylan it was love at first sight, ever since it was born,” the man told the local newspaper Il Vibonese. “For me, for my wife, who is an extraordinary woman, and who has become fond of him even more than me, Dylan is like our child.

“It is a normal gesture to love [Dylan] and we are happy to let you know his story. It is a way to sensitize people to the importance of respecting the animals,” Vitale said, surprised by how many people have seen the video!

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