Shar Pei dog adopts two orphaned Siberian tiger cubs

When it comes to care for those in need, nothing compares with a dog’s kind heart. And the lovely stories we’ve been witnessed over the time have proved it. But if there’s any doubt regarding what a dog is capable of, then the story bellow is meant to settle things down

Image credits: Igor Yakunin, Associated Press

There are so many wrong reasons why the wild animals shouldn’t be kept in captivity. One of them is they tend to lose the motherly instinct, leading to the rejection of their own cubs. Unfortunately, that’s what happened with these two newborn Siberian tiger cubs.  But it seems that dogs are ready to step in whenever humans fail.

Image credits: Igor Yakunin, Associated Press

The two tiger cubs were born at a zoo near Sochi, Russia. But, sadly, soon after they were born, the mother rejected them.  Without their mother’s protection, the two cubs wouldn’t stand a chance. But there was a Shar Pei dog that saved their lives.

Image credits: Igor Yakunin, Associated Press

The kind dog, named Cleopatra adopted them immediately. Now she feeds them and take care of them, just like she does with her own puppies. “She accepted them right away,” Zoo assistant director Viktoria Kudlayeva said in a telephone interview. “She’s cleaning them and breast feeding them as if they were her own. And they also sleep together.”

The Siberian tiger is an endangered species with 480 to 540 individuals left in the wild, according to the experts.

h/t: CBC News

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