She didn’t think he’d remember her, but then Prince Harry spots her through the rain

The British Royal Family enjoys huge popularity. And that’s not only in the United Kingdom, but worldwide as well. People line up for hours to seem them. Whether they are on some special events, or just in some location for a tour.

As part of the most famous family in the world, Prince Harry also enjoys a lot of love from people across the globe. Few time ago, he visited Australia for promoting the 2018 Invictus Games. So he spent few days in Syndey Harbor. Here, the prince shook hands with some of his beloved fans. On a heavy rain, people waited hours to meet the adorable royal family member. Among them, was Daphne Dunne, a 97-year-old widow. And when Prince Harry saw her you can read the excitement on his face.

This wasn’t the first time they’ve met. Back in 2015, Prince Harry met Daphne at the  Sydney Opera House in 2015. Back then, the prince was in Australia as he collaborated with the Australian Defense Force. He immediately spotted the old women as he wore a lot of military medals, including the Victoria Cross. The highest military distinction in Australia.

Daphne Dunne is a veteran of the Australian Women’s Army. And the Victoria Cross from her chest was awarded to her first husband. She lost him when he was 24, during WWII. So when Prince Harry spotted her again, it was hard to not recognize her. Greeting her with a warm-hearted embrace, the prince told her he was so happy to see her. They’ve talked for few moments. After the lovely meeting Daphne said that it really worth the long wait in the heavy rain…

Both Harry and his brother Prince William are appreciated by the people for their charitable work. Still, the Prince Harry’s dedication to veterans is what melted Daphne’s heart. As you probably know, Prince Harry in his turn, also served in Afghanistan. In fact, the prince created the Invictus Games in order to support the wounded military members through sports competition.

Watch the video bellow to see why people love Prince Harry so much!

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