Simon Hjermind Jensen-designed bubble garden house

If you have a knack for gardening and you hate winter as it keeps you away from it, Danish designer Simon Hjermind Jensen has come to your rescue. The invisible garden house he designed will keep you warm enjoying your hobby and the offerings of the summer time. Actually the designer designed it for a family living North of Copenhagen and it consists of three domes connected in such a way that they form a house.

bubble_garden_house (1)

The see-throughdomed-houses are made from UV-protected and longlasting polycarbonate and are air-controlled with a natural ventilation system which also allows the sun’s rays to heat them. Metal bolts are used to join the pieces so that the result can be three dimensional objects. The largest dome is set in the middle and it is actually a garden house with wooden floors so that a table and chairs can be placed on it and you can just hang out there. The smaller domes serve as greenhouses so flowers and vegetables can be grown in all seasons.

bubble_garden_house (5) bubble_garden_house (4) bubble_garden_house (3) bubble_garden_house (2)
Even though the project was made for a Danish family, the domes can be clustered in any pattern and custom-made to the owners’ desires. By the way, the family purchased multiple houses with the purpose of using some of them for patio furmiture and the others for their flowers and vegetables.

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