Single dad’s card is declined – kind woman behind him refuses to let him leave without food

When you are short with the money and you have a few mouths to feed back home, life is nothing but tough. Unfortunately, for this single dad is the sad reality, and regardless how hard he tried, he just struggled to buy the bare minimum for his children, at the end of the day. Thankfully, an angel stepped up and brought him to tears with his kindness.


Sara Fleming was waiting in the line at the grocery store, when noticed the guy in front of her got his credit card declined several times. The man, accompanied by his two children, kept asking the cashier to put things aside, hoping he’ll have enough money for at least some of them. It is when Sara just heard a voice in her head that told her to do the right thing, so she stepped forward and offered to pay for the man’s food.


“Sweet friends, this is a true story. I’m sharing for others to hear of God’s goodness and mercy. It’s not about me. Great things HE hath done!” her post reads. “I watched as the man in front of me asked the cashier to put things to the side. Over and over again. He kept swiping his card. Declined.”

As expected, her beautiful gesture impressed everyone to tears, especially the poor man who couldn’t believed there’s still kindness in this world. Later, Sara explained her noble act in a now viral Facebook post.


“There was a girl and boy with him, and I heard them call him ‘Dad’ several times. The girl was a pre-teen, and the boy was about my son’s age. I could see the embarrassment written all over their faces,” the woman continued.

Then she explained she just heard a divine voice. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the money…I’ll provide. Trust Me…I heard God loud and clear.” Sara wrote. “That small voice still called again. Another shove. Stronger this time. ‘I’ve got it,’ I blurted out loudly, as heat flooded my face.”

So Sara turned to the cashier and asked to put everything the man had, on her card. The moment was overwhelming for the helpless man!

“’Please put everything back. I’ll get it all,’ I told the cashier,” the post continues. “I look at the dad. He’s crying now. His daughter is hugging him. He is waiting at the end of the lane. Still crying and hugging his precious children.’I don’t know how to thank you,’ he whispers.”

“I wanted to help. I know it’s what God told me to do,” Sara replied him. “‘I’m a single dad. It’s so hard…I gave him a hug. His son and daughter wanted to hug me too. Then I got to my car and the tears came flooding out. I prayed and praised the Lord for allowing me to help. I asked God to give me more opportunities to be obedient and show the world the utter grace He has shown me!”

h.t: facebook

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