Sly raccoon climbs down from 10th floor apartment building to escape animal control

When living at the 10th floor of a block, the latest thing you’d expect to come nose to nose on your balcony is a raccoon. But that’s exactly what happened to a resident in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada, when he went out on his apartment’s balcony to take some air.

The man was aware of how dangerous a wild animal could be, especially in situations like that, when it find itself cornered, so he immediately called the animal control. Minutes after, a team from the Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, lead by Bill Dowd arrived at the scene.

A wild raccoon on a 10th floor balcony was an unprecedented situation, even for them.”In 27 years of business, this is a first call of this kind,” the organization’s resident and CEO, Bill Dowd, said. “We have had calls for foxes, skunks, groundhogs, opossums, and all sorts of animals in strange situations but never a raccoon that high up on a balcony.”

Nevertheless, the whole situation became even more surprising for the rescue team when they finally arrived there. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they seen the animal decided to climb down the building to run away from the animal control. Under the eyes of Bill and his team, the sly raccoon has managed to safely climb down the entire building. Once it found itself on the ground it run away in the woods.

The animal control officers managed to catch on camera the hilarious moment. Have a look:


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