Startling rooms with patterned walls

Oversized prints and bold patterns make a serious statement and create a focal point in these dreamy rooms.

    1. A hand-painted silk wallcovering wraps this dining room, adding softness to the masculine vintage furnishings of the room.


    1. This printed wallpaper resembles 16th-century Iznik tiles, creating an astonishing effect.


    1. One of the walls of this room is sheathed in cement tiles, the coral-branch pattern being balanced by the bright white floor, black door and red blanket.


    1. This dining area has been papered with The Beverly Hills Hotel-inspired Martinique wallpaper, which is a reminder of its luxurious place of origin.


    1. This unbelievable highly stylized space has as its centerpiece an 18-th century Chinese wedding bed upholstered with a linen print which also covers the walls.


    1. The foyer of this opulent urban house is accented with a damask print stenciled on the walls. The cutting-edge feel is created by the shiny silver hue of the stenciling combined with the steel-tiled flooring and fine accessories.


    1. The red-zebra wallpaper adorning this children-friendly room lends a youthful feel to the space, being at the same time refined and classy.


    1. This bedroom is the dream of any bibliophile, the realism of bookshelf wallpaper making you sort of smell the old books paper.


    1. The understated print of the walls and ceiling of this guest room provides the warm backdrop for the setting of a quaint country cottage.


    1. The entry hall features a couple of shades of mint green and the custom stripe pattern in the ceiling and the leafy print of the walls are tied together into a flowing design with the help of the hue of the flooring paint.


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