Steve Irwin’s son feeds same crocodile in the same place as his dad, 15 years apart

Thanks to Steve Irwin’s wildlife conservation efforts, some endangered species are still there. And because of that, he will never be forgotten. After all it’s really hard to find such a passionate man for wild creatures. Unfortunately, the famous Steve passed away in 2006, at the age of 44 while filming a documentary about marine wildlife.

However, Steve’s legacy is carried on, thanks to his family as both of his children have followed on their father’s footsteps. But, maybe the most remarkable is the way his son, Robert is trying to continue his dad’s work in protecting the nature.

And even if this isn’t the first time we ever heard about Steve’s son, it is definitely the most emotional time we read about Irwin father and son in the same context. Therefore, the say like father like son never was more accurate. And all after Robert managed to recreate an iconic image of his dad feeding a crocodile, using exactly the same spot.

“Dad and me feeding Murray… same place, same croc – two photos 15 years apart,” Robert wrote in the caption. And his fans never were more excited. “This is truly everything! Your Dad must be overjoyed to see you literary walk in his footsteps,” one fan said.


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Dad and me feeding Murray… same place, same croc – two photos 15 years apart ❤️🐊

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We are so glad to see that Steve’s legacy of conservation is continued in such an impressive manner by his family.

“I think now, even more so than when Dad was around, our wildlife is really being depleted as such an incredibly rapid rate. I think it’s so important that we can learn to love and respect all animals and natural places, not just the cute and cuddly creatures,” Robert Irwin declared.

A few months ago, the Animal Planet announced that their latest show “Crikey! It’s The Irwins,” will soon be aired. Of course Steve’s wife, his daughter Bindi and his son Robert will be there!

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