Stray cat adorably interrupts live orchestra concert and steals the show

When attending a live orchestra concert the only sound should be the one made by the instruments. However, sometimes a clapping or a call of a cellphone could be part of the menu, but the less thing to expect is a feline’s roar. Well, believe it or not that’s exactly what the audience at this classical music concert had.

Source: Screenshot/Facebook Watch

A naughty kitten decided to interrupt an orchestra concert in Istanbul in the most adorable way possible. Cats can be really tricksy sometimes, but this one took the curiosity to a whole new level. Of course, both the musicians and the audience enjoyed the heartwarming moment.

Source: Screenshot/Facebook Watch

The stray kitten was in search of cuddling, there’s no doubt of that as she adorably tries to get a cellist’s attention. And the musician responded with a tender touch. So, naturally, the four-legged intruder asks for more strokes and its charm gets rewarded. However, at some point, a member of the orchestra tried to shoo the cat from the stage, but he fails.

Source: Screenshot/Facebook Watch

But the cat’s little adventure doesn’t stop here. She clearly wants some more attention, so it joins the conductor onto the podium. Then, it gets what was looking for – a round of applause from the patient audience and a roar of laughter, too.

Apparently, it’s very common among the kittens to transform themselves into intruders, only to get some attention. A few years ago, a lovely fluffy ball interrupted a live newscast to ask for help. She ended up being adopted! Have a look!

h/t: classicfm

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