Stray cat breaks into zoo, fell in love with lynx in the sweetest way

The animals never cease to amaze me when it comes to unusual friendships. And exactly when you might think there’s nothing to impress you anymore, an incredible, lovely story airs once again. This time a cat and a lynx are making a perfect duo. However, the most interesting part is how they’ve met.

Now, if you ask me, cats are anything but friendly creatures. However, this little fella is proving the opposite. A homeless cat in St Petersburg, broke in the local zoo and set her up into the lynx enclosure. Now, even if the lynx is also a cat, a friendship like this doesn’t end up well, most of the time. Anyway, in this case the fond of was mutual. However, the zookeepers decided it’s for the cat’s safety to take her off the enclosure.

Only the next day, surprise – the cat returned! Therefore, the zoo staff let the lovely pair to stay together. Now the duo attracts all the visitors from the St. Petersburg zoo. They all want to meet Linda the lynx and Dusya the cat.

Thanks to the zoo, their story became famous on social media too, as they are sharing photos and videos with the inseparable pair so everyone to see their special bond.

I’ve always said that humans still have a lot to learn from animals and when I see stories like this, my believes just became stronger. Watch this lovely duo here:

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