Stray Dog Has Wandered The Town For More Than 5 Years. Now, He Finally Has A Place To Call Home

For more than five years, a stray dog named Bear has been wandering the streets in a Hutto, Texas, community.

People have been trying to catch him for years but he has been too smart for traps and too fast for animal control. He has become quite the infamous pup for his survival skills and for being good at avoiding capture for so long.

Irma Mendoza discovered the pup, whom they named Bear, when he first began wandering around the neighborhood in 2010. She and her son, Alfonso, have been taking care of him and feeding him ever since. She also gives him his annual medications and brought him a doghouse to sleep in.

He is like a family member to them, but the only problem is that he doesn’t live in their house and is too hard to catch. Sadly, construction of new homes threatens Bear’s current home.

Niroshini Glass, a friend of Mendoza’s, has agreed to adopt Bear once they catch him. Which means Mendoza’s daily trips to feed Bear won’t be necessary anymore, but all of her years of hard work have paid off and have kept Bear healthy and alive.

“He would be so spoiled,” Glass told Fox 7 Austin. “He would get anything and everything he wanted, when he wanted, how he wanted. He would be very, very spoiled.”

Catching Bear won’t be easy, but at least now we know he has a warm, loving home waiting for him! Once they get him, they’ll take him to the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter to be evaluated before going to Glass’.

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