Stray dog interrupts live orchestra concert and warms hearts

When attending a live orchestra performance the only sound heard should be the one made by the instruments. However, it could happened sometimes that a call of a cellphone or maybe a clapping to be part of the menu. But the whole audience to burst into laughter is the less thing anyone would ever expect. Believe it or not, that’s exactly what happened during a classical concert at the 31st International Izmir Festival in Çesme, Turkey.

The famous Vienna Chamber Orchestra was performing in front of an absorbed audience during a classical music festival in Turkey, when a stray pup interrupted their performance in the cutest way possible. Out of nowhere, the dog just walk on the stage like it was its show.

The moment the four-legged intruder made its appearance next to the musicians, the attentive audience couldn’t hold back their laughter. The members of the orchestra had no idea what happened, but they soon realized a fury classical music lover decided to join them.

Hilarious at the beginning, the scene immediately turned into “the cutest moment in classical music” as the adorable pup revealed its real intentions. He just laid down there, next to a violinist like a veritable melomaniac. Instantly, a few rounds of applause started with people showing their love and sympathy for the adorable concert crusher, while the Vienna Chamber Orchestra continued their impeccable performance.

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