Stray kitten fell in love with puppy, keeps coming back to see him

Just when I thought I’ve seen everything in terms of unusual friendships of different animal species, this story surfaces and melts my heart.

It’s over a year now, since Delfina Plaja and her husband, Olivier Tops, from Italy, decided to share their lives and love with Taco, an adorable pup. Since, during the summer, the weather in Southern Italy is just splendid, Delfina and Taco are spending most of their time outside, playing.

One day, while they were enjoying their time out, Delfina spotted a shy kitten under a car. She continued her walking hoping Taco won’t see her and run after her. But surprisingly, when the little cat spotted the doggy, she just found her way up to him. Taco, on the other hand, rubbed his face on his canine friend and wrapped his tail around him like a hug. It was love at first sight.

Delfina, just like any other animal lover asked around about the kitten. It’s how she found out the little creature is actually living in an abandoned garage, being fed by one of the neighbors.

“No one had any idea where he had come from or why he was alone without a mother or siblings,” the woman said.

Therefore, every time she went out with her pup, she took some food for Taco’s unusual crush. But, after a couple of days, when they were getting ready to take a walk, surprise…the kitten was there, in front of their door, waiting to see her favorite pup.

“He was there every time we went out, and Taco would whine by the door, wanting to go out and play with his friend,” Delfina told Love Meow.

As you probably guessed, it doesn’t took too long until Delfina and Olivier decided to share their home with the kitten, too. And Taco was nothing but overjoyed!

Watch Tequila and Taco’s adorable story, bellow!

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