Stunning 21st-century ‘tree house’ in Montpellier, France

French and Japanese architects have conceived the utmost architecturally  extravagant building that will combine features of both France and Japan.  Dubbed The White Tree House/L’Arbre Blanc, on account of its tree-inspired shape,  this 17-floor tower block is going to look like a tree, with branches from  countless stair-step balconies hanging in all directions and shade decks which will create an atmosphere suitable for vegetation.

tree house france (2)

The high-rise is due to start in July 2015 and will take two years and a half to complete. Looking as if springing from the ground, it will be 56 m tall and will comprise 120 residential units and office space plus an art gallery, a restaurant and a panoramic penthouse bar providing sweeping coastline and mountain views.

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The de-luxe10,000 square meter apartment block will have a modular design so that residents will have the opportunity to choose the architecture that suits their tastes. Challenging traditional architecture and aiming at producing aesthetic pleasure to the eye, this building is bound to be the second architectural follies of 12 buildings conceived to be built for the Port Marianne district.

The first folly building, The Jardins de la Lironde tower, made from a stack of rippling floor plates, is scheduled to start this year and will be carried out by London-based firm Farshid Moussaci Architecture. It will feature 36 apartments plus a ground-floor restaurant in 11 stories with irregular shape and having balconies on different sides of the residential building.

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