Superstar asks tiny girl to sing ‘You Raise Me Up’. Seconds in, girl brings down house

If you’re a fan of America’s Got Talent, than you’ll definitely remember Celine Tam, a sweet little girl from Hong Kong who was kicked off the competition, last year, before she made it to the final stage. So you’ll probably ask yourselves what happened to her, from that point. Well, there are some great news regarding Celine’s career.

Recently, German singer Helene Fischer, who’s also the host of her own show, decided to invite the little girl for a duet. And the song she choose was “You Raise Me Up”, even if, Celine’s adventure at America’s Got Talent was over because she has chosen a song that was way too big for her, as the judges declared at that time.

When the tiny girl open her mouth, the entire audience was stunned and after few moments the crowd roared in applause. Celine proved that she was born to sing and the fact she was an America’s Got Talent “loser,” was nothing but motivation to her. And Helene knew it.

Watch the video bellow and prepare yourself to be amazed by Helene and Celine’s stunning “You Raise Me Up” duet!


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