Sweetest Stray Dog So Happy When She Realizes She’s Been Rescued

For nearly a year, a gentle stray dog named Honey called a construction site her home. She relied on the kind-hearted workers for scraps of food and received their care and attention. However, fate took a cruel turn when Honey suffered a leg fracture in an unfortunate accident. Several days later, a nearby woman spotted her distress and promptly brought her to a veterinarian.

At the veterinary clinic, Honey underwent a crucial leg surgery to mend her injury. Subsequently, one of the compassionate construction workers took her in as a foster pet. Although a humble garden shed became her temporary sanctuary for two months, the foster family encountered difficulties in finding Honey a permanent home and couldn’t keep her themselves. In search of a solution, they reached out to Howl of a Dog, an animal rescue organization.

Now under the care of Howl of a Dog, Honey exudes pure joy as she eagerly awaits her forever home. Her playful nature and affectionate demeanor make her an absolute delight. The rescue shares, “Honey currently resides in our care in Romania, but we facilitate international adoptions as well.” If you wish to discover more about Honey and potentially provide her with a loving forever home, please visit the Howl of a Dog website.

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