Take a look inside this luxurious $17.5m nuclear bunker

Let’s be realistic, the fate of humanity is looking truly temperamental right now. Daily we hear talks and news about an inevitable war and atomic aftermath appears to be inescapable if the United States and North Korea continue their dispute. In any case, don’t stress, in light of the fact that while the majority of mankind will definitely die in the guaranteeing aftermath of atomic war, you’ll be protected and sound in your own one of a kind extravagance atomic shelter 45ft underneath the ground in Savannah, Georgia.

All things considered, in the event that you have $17.5M to save that is, on account of that is how much this changed over previous US armed force base will set you back. In any case, you get a considerable amount for your cash. Beside clearly sparing your life, the atomic fortification, built on 32 acres of land can cover more than 14,000ft of living space, additionally accompanies 3ft-thick dividers, an air admission framework, a medical caretaker’s room, disinfecting showers and a CCTV system.

And that is not all. The luxurious bunker can withstand a 20 kiloton atomic blast as well. Worked amid the Cold War in 1969, the shelter was completely redesigned in 2012 and now contains four roomy condos that each incorporate a kitchen, a bathroom, 2 bedrooms and a living room.




So, if you afford to spend $17.5M, then you’ll definitely be unharmed if a catastrophe will hit the world!


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