Bourdon House keeping up with the high-life style of its founder, Alfred Dunhill

Alfred Dunhill Shanghai home (8)Alfred Dunhill is not just a British world-class brand of luxury goods but the quintessence of high-class lifestyle. Burdon House, a historic Georgian mansion, which was once the Duke of Westminster’s home, is the seat of the London home of Alfred Dunhill. It is located in Mayfair district in the vicinity of other household names of luxury brands like Lanvin, Kitson and Aston Martin.

The building has three floors including stores selling its branded products as well as a bar and café, a screening room, a custom-made tailoring room, leather products area, a barber, and old-fashion gents’ club and a spa. The outdoor terrace features greenery, wrought-iron furniture and stone arches. On the main level there is the brand’s latest collection and basics whilst the second floor contains the quintessence of the brand’s luxury: a bespoke suit and shirt room featuring suit-material wallpaper. The adjoining room is actually a spacious area where art exhibits are displayed.

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