People who have built their houses, Inspiring from movies

How would you like to live aboard the Starship Enterprise?  Inside the Batcave? The interior of a TARDIS? It can be fun for a while . Then you can change your mind when you think of practical applications effectively these iconic decorative elements in your home, where you should look at them and clean them every day. However, some people do not mind these problems and have chosen to build rooms and sometimes entire houses, based on designs found in popular movies and TV shows.

On a similar note, the hotels offer themed rooms for people who want to experience, but you might not want to live. We have completed some of the craziest we’ve found.


Flintstones House

This Malibu home was once the summer residence of Dick Clark and his wife. The single story home has a cave-like interior, 22 acres of land, and great views of the ocean. Bottomless car not included.


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