Joan Rivers’ $29.5-million Manhattan palatial duplex up for grabs

Joan Rivers, former hostess of TV Land program ‘How’d You Get So Rich?’ and harsh critic of the E! show Fashion Police has been trying to get rid of her 5,190 square foot ‘haunted’ Versailles-inspired penthouse apartment on East 62nd Street since 2009 to no avail whatsoever. Recently she re-listed “The Spencer Condominium,” as it is dubbed, in the hope of finding a buyer who, according to some critics, will have to invest loads of money in order to gut renovate it. Leopard-print carpets or gaudy gilded moldings are just a few of the things that will have to be disposed of, if the new owner has any taste at all. All this despite painstaking efforts put into the restoration by trained specialists to restore the original neo-French classic architectural design abounding in decadence.


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