The Carradines’ rustic Telluride digs up for grabs

Renowned actor and musician Keith Carradine and his ex-wife, actress Sandra Carradine, snapped up the picturesque Colorado mountain retreat after its previous owner, music promoter Bill Graham, passed away in an accidentand it is now on the market. Graham was noted for hosting rock bands like the Grateful Dead, The Who and Jefferson Airplane in the Bay Area as well as for hosting concerts in Telluride at his mountainside manor. The Carradines purchased the home complete with many of Bill Graham’s things, among which the “Bill Graham Grateful Dead sofa.”

527 W Galena, Telluride, Colorado.

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Sandra Bullock’s Austin home up for sale for just $2.5million

This is not the first house the Academy Award winner and producer has bought and got rid of. The reason this time she no longer needs this luxury ‘refuge’ as she did in the middle of her divorce from reality TV celeb Jesse James – why linger on old memories, after all? Sandra Bullock has decided to move on and is now living in Los Angeles with her 3-year-old son Louis, whom she and her ex-husband adopted in New Orleans in 2010.

Sandra Bullock 2

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