Take a virtual video tour of this adorable $16,348 log cabin

If you’re looking for an adorable place to spend your weekends or your holiday, or why not, a place where to live in, then this log cabin is the perfect solution for you. Designed by one of the best log home builders – Amish Log Cabins, this wonderful log home packages is an amazing log cabin packages prices. And if you’re undecided, then you should take a look inside and you’ll definitely change your mind.

Having a beautiful cozy and rustic design, these log cabin packages are the perfect place to getaway and enjoy some time just for yourself. Much more affordable than other log homes, they are made durable and long lasting as the builder company is offering a lifetime guarantee.

These cabin packages can be ordered at different sizes and you’re able to customize them if you want so. The standard size is equipped with a bathroom and a kitchen, but you could choose one with more space if you need or want so. Amish Log Cabins also offers you log cabins with larger space equipped with a full kitchen, a full bathroom, dining room and a living room.

So if you’re wondering how and where to spend more quality time with your loved one, than you should choose one of this log cabins. For more information about these great log cabin packages visit Amish Made Cabins

Not impressed yet? Than take a virtual tour inside this amazing log cabin, in the video bellow!


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