Teacher lost her senior cat, so her caring students surprised her with two rescue kittens

For Tonya Andrews, a teacher in Texas, losing her 16-year-old beloved cat was devastating. She was heading straight to the vet when Blondie, her senior cat passed away. Over the next days, Tonya was nothing but sad and heartbroken. “I cried pretty much every period that next day at school,” the teacher told the Huffington Post.

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However, her caring students at Joshua High School, decided to cheer her up. They knew Blondie was irreplaceable for their teacher, but they also find a way to lift her spirits. So the teenagers set up a surprise for the teacher, with flowers, balloons, cookies and…they also brought two extremely cute little kittens. “I was smiling so big by then because I could feel the love of the class,” she said. “But then, Rachel walked in holding two precious kittens.”

At first, Tonya didn’t realized the two little souls were actually for her. But when she found out, she would once again, share her time and home and life with not one, but two fur balls, her reaction is priceless.

Source: Twitter/ Screenshot

“Are they mine?” the woman asked. “Then she held them out to me and said they were mine. My heart can now experience happiness again.” The moment was so overwhelming for Tonya she instantly burst into tears.

Thankfully the lovely moment was caught on camera. Have a look:

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