Teen gets turned down at prom only to have school in disbelief with famous voice over loudspeaker

We all have some models or idols in life whether it is a movie star, a singer or an athlete. It’s also the case of Katie Kelzenberg, a senior at the Stillwater High School in Oklahoma. All her friends and family knows she adores Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. She knows all about the famous actor. She has even learned his lines from his movies. Due to her appreciation for The Rock, Katie has done something very unusual. With her senior prom coming Katie couldn’t think at someone better to attend her than the Fast & Furious star. So the girl took her courage and wrote a letter asking Dwayne to be her date prom. The moment she received his response she’ll definitely never forget.

Assuming he’s quite busy, Katie wasn’t to upset when she noticed that she hasn’t received an answer to her letter. But in one day, while she was sitting in her classroom, something truly interesting happened. The loudspeakers began to play and the girl immediately noticed that it wasn’t the voice of the usual anchorman.

To her surprise it was Dwayne’s voice. After wishing well to all the students, his attention has turned on to Katie. And when The Rock mentioned her name, the whole students were deeply surprised. Even if he couldn’t honored her prom invitation due to his very busy schedule, still the superstar prepared a very pleasant surprise for his biggest fan! Watch the video bellow to find out The Rock’s lovely surprise for Katie! A kind of behavior we all love to see from our idols!


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