The Canadian Tenors perform “Hallelujah” unaware a music legend is standing right behind them

Now well known as The Tenors, this talented group of men singers was previously known as The Canadian Tenors. Their strong, deep voices are a lovely mix of bass, baritone and tenor. Their voices, blended together sounds so divine. A beautiful mixture of pop and classical music.

They’re all standing in front of the audience with  with stage fog drifting on their feet. One member of the group is sitting on the chair and begins to play  “Hallelujah.” The classic hit of Leonard Cohen.

Another one begins to sing the first verse of this lovely song. Then the whole member’s voices are starting to mix in, leaving the audience to fall into ruptures. While The Tenors are performing this beautiful song, an international music superstar appears in the background. Also from Canada, the famous singer Celine Dion shows up. The whole crowd gasps when saw her. Anyway, the tenors expressions are delightful.

When they finally realized with who are sharing the stage, their reactions are so funny. They’ve hardly tried to hide their smiles.

As they sang the last verse, the one and only Celine Dion is joining showing off her unique and so beautiful soprano voice. Celine is well-known for her incredible voice as The Tenors too. But when they put together their charming voices, the result is epic.

In the end, the crowd gave them a well deserved standing ovation. Watch the video bellow to convince yourself about this lovely performance!


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