The dog abandoned for a second time clings to his old bed and refuses to raise his head

Chuchi, a 13 lb mini poodle, was heartbroken when his family left him at the Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena, California, just a couple of days before Christmas. The family, who had the six-year-old poodle for a year, appeared to have relocated to a new home and didn’t wish to include Chuchi in their new setting.

Regrettably, it was the second instance when Chuchi was given back by an adoptive family. Upon finding himself back in the chilly shelter, the dog was engulfed by feelings of dejection and hopelessness. He just slumped down on the bed his family had abandoned and kept staring into the distance, clearly distressed.

He refused to engage or make eye contact with anyone. However, his new caregivers nurtured Chuchi and aided him in overcoming his trauma of abandonment. Before long, this lovable pooch regained his jovial nature! The rescue centre confirmed that Chuchi (now called Charlie Chaplin), has found a new home with Karen and Rick, and is enjoying a cozy life with his puppy sibling, Precious!

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