The dog that “died” runs into his mother’s arms when he sees her at the shelter

Upon checking her email and finding a message stating that her senior Chihuahua, Jazzy, was alive, Maile Trist was convinced it was a prank, according to thepetneed. Initially, Maile was skeptical as she believed her beloved pet had passed away two years ago. Nevertheless, she decided to visit the Cowley County Humane Society, the source of the unexpected message.

Four years prior, Maile had adopted Jazzy, and they had formed a deep bond. However, two years into their companionship, Maile had to relocate from California to Kansas due to a full-time job offer. Sadly, she found herself without sufficient time to care for Jazzy, so she entrusted her furry friend to a couple who seemed to adore dogs, with the request to look after Jazzy until she could get settled.

When she eventually settled down and tried to contact the couple to reclaim Jazzy, she discovered that they had disappeared from all social media platforms and were not answering her calls. After six months, her fiance managed to reach out to the couple only to hear the heartbreaking news that Jazzy had died. Maile was filled with guilt for not being there for Jazzy in her final moments.

But miracles do occur, and this one was spectacular indeed. The shelter managed to locate Maile because Jazzy had been microchipped. Overwhelmed with hope, Maile hurried to the shelter, hoping against hope that the found dog was indeed Jazzy. On her arrival, the dog ran towards her, recognizing her immediately.

Unable to contain her emotions, Maile broke down in tears of joy. Meanwhile, Jazzy could not stop wagging her tail in sheer happiness. It’s hard to picture the profound joy Maile felt upon being reunited with her dog, whom she had believed was lost forever. The reunion was truly a tear-jerking moment! The touching video of their reunion is available below.

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