The heartwarming moment a thirsty koala licks rainwater off road after downpour in Australia

After an endless blaze Australia finally gets its moment of relief. The so long waited rain started to fall over New South Wales. And not only humans seems to be thankful for it, but wildlife as well.

Image credits: Pamela Schramm/Facebook

Pamela Schramm, a local resident, was driving on a country road between Croppa Creek and Moree, when came across a lovely sight. The woman initially thought the little one might be injured, so he got off the care to see what’s happening. But at a closer sight she realized the thirsty koala was actually licking rainwater off the road.

Image credits: Pamela Schramm/Facebook

“I thought he was injured as he was so quiet,” Pamela told DailyMail Australia. “But once he walked a little I realised he was fine. We couldn’t get him off the road he was just so thirsty.”

Thankfully, the woman captured on camera the lovely moment. She later took Facebook to share the heartwarming scene she and her family have been witnessed, but to raise awareness as well. “Please be careful on the roads. Wildlife coming out to drink. It’s heartbreaking to see them stressed,” the kind woman wrote in a Facebook post.

Eventually, the thirsty animal left the road and climbed a tree. According to Pamela, he looked in a very good shape. “When we got close to the tree he moved higher up. Which is exactly what a healthy koala should do,” the woman told DailyMail Australia.

The koalas – Australia’s iconic mammals – are among the most affected animals due to the recent bushfires. Their population has reportedly declined with more than 30% as a result of the devastating blaze that hit Australia since September.

h/t: dailymail

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