The listing for the Novogratz $17.5 M townhouse at 400 West Street expired?

Robert and Cortney Novogratz, designers, and reality TV stars have been into house flipping for the past two decades, buying run-down houses, renovating and refurbishing them with eclectic exotic materials and then re-selling them for a lot more. They live together with their seven kids in whichever house doesn’t sell. It’s a way of life that keeps the boredom awayJ


They bought the 7,000-plus sq ft residence for $5 million in 2007, listed it at a whopping $25 million in 2009 and brought the price down to $19.95 million in 2010 and to $17.45 million in early 2012.


Being among the most renowned projects, the 22-foot wide house on five levels features five bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms a Richard Woods fake-timbered façade, a glass garage door opening towards a terrace, an indoor basketball court convertible to a movie theater and a private screening room. Many of the scenes on “Home by Novogratz” were shot in the living room and kitchen on the ground floor. The entrance to the house is made through a mud room and a mosaic foyer. All five levels are connected by a glass and stainless steel staircase.


On the parlor floor and the next there is an enormous kitchen and dining room and the huge living room opens to an outdoor stone-and-glass terrace. There is an over-sized master suite on the third floor and two bedrooms each at the next two levels, all having walk-in closets.


The luxury house, blending the vintage and the modern, and overlooking the Hudson River, got off the listing in the fall of 2012 but surely it is still waiting for its new owners! Maybe when the asking price has dropped a little more?

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