Meet the only man in the world who can swim with a polar bear

Polar bear is the largest land predator on Earth and definitely one of the most dangerous wild animals to be around of. However, that doesn’t stop a couple in Canada to raise a polar bear as their pet. Meet Mark and Dawn Dumas and their really unusual pet, Agee, the polar bear

According to Mark, they’ve raised Agee since she was only a cub.They adopted her back in 1995 an she’s living with them, ever since. Now, she’s a 800 lb famous polar bear, after she managed to star in some TV commercials and movies. Even now, after they managed to form an incredible bond, Mark admits he’s treating Agee with the utmost respect, every single time. On the other hand, the couple says Agee is just like any other spoiled pet and they love spending time together. The Dumas’ are ready to satisfy all Agee’s desires, but the thing she actually adores the most is swimming in the pool with Mark.

Agee has lived with me for her whole life.She’s always there. I’m with her until she passes or I pass. I mean, that’s just the way it is,” ,” Mark told the Lad Bible. “Aggy’s life is a really good life. She doesn’t have to hunt, all the groceries are brought to her and it’s top-quality food. She actually enjoys going to work. When I pull the trailer out she gets very excited about the fact that the trailer is there and she’s gonna go somewhere.”

And maybe that’s the reason why Agee is a very health 23 years old polar bear, thinking the lifespan of a wild polar bear is 15 to 20 years. In captivity, these majestic animals could live up to 35 years. The oldest polar bear to live in captivity was 42. “She’s 23 years old. In captivity they live until they’re roughly between 30 and 35 years old,” Mark said.

Anyway, Agee isn’t the only unusual pet owned by Mark and Dawn. Their backyard is also a home for Billy, a 6 years old grizzly bear, a wolf, a deer, a mountain lion and an eagle. Apparently they’re all getting along pretty well.

“The thing is, the difference between a grizzly bear and a polar bear is the polar bear has absolutely no sense of humour and the grizzly bear has a great sense of humour,” Mark said.

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