Fosters take in a blind pittie, but one day she sees them for the very first time

This is the adorable moment, an adorable dog that has been neglected almost her entire life, has finally find happiness. Not only she found a kind family to love her and look after her, Hazel also regained her eyesight. The moment she’s finally able to see the people that fostered her and helped her, is beautiful to behold!

Though, they were supposed to foster Hazel – a rescue pittie – Elli and Sam went above and beyond to offer her more than just a comfy home, until someone to come and adopt her. Miraculously, the kindhearted pair eventually succeeded.

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“When we heard Hazel was blind, we wanted to make sure we did some research,” the foster parents shared with THE DODO. “We tried to kind of figure out the best way for her to get her bearing.”

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In order to stimulate the dog’s visual sense, Elli and Sam put together a comprehensive system. They also created a safe environment, where Hazel to wonder around without getting hurt. So they took the furniture out of that room, or any other potentially hurting objects. Thankfully their efforts pid off as the blind dog made some incredible improvements. But even so, they were supposed to only temporarily foster Hazel, so finding a forever home for her, it might have been an even harder challenge.

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Fortunately, sooner than everyone thought, a family fell in love with this gentle dog. It is when Hazel met Allison and Pete! “We came across a message that Hazel needed a home,” Allison said. “But also, that at some point, within the timing that we were going to have her, she was going to go in for surgery to restore her sight.”

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When learning about that, Pete and Allison got even more determined to make Hazel part of their family and help her to regain her eyesight. The surgery was a success, even though Hazel still has some struggles. Adorably, the first thing Allison and her boyfriend done after their beloved dog was finally able to see, was to pay a visit to their foster parents!

Watch the beautiful moment, bellow!

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