Dog Monopoly is now a thing, and it lets you collect dogs as you move around the board

When it comes to board games, I think Monopoly is the most popular one. And that because it lends itself to so many ways of playing and it is the kind of game for all ages. And of course so easy to play.

In its 84 years history, the game tasted a huge success, leading to versions of the game being produced. There is even a Game of Thrones edition.

However, the latest edition excites me the most. It is a version for all dog lovers out there where you can buy different breeds of dogs along with dog houses and big bones. And what proper name this edition could have then Dog Opoly.

The games rules are the same, but instead of buying properties you buy dogs. Chance and Community Chest are replaced with “Good Dog” and “Bad Dog”, and a set of dog-themed tokens are included. The money component also remains the same.

Dog Opoly is already available for sale and many enthusiast players have left reviews such as:

“Brilliant. We already had horse opoly and this is equally as much fun. Well worth the money for the hours of fun we have had with our grandson.”

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