The way this dog comforts herself when her family leaves the house will break your heart

Luna is a three-year-old miniature bull terrier who absolutely loves her little human family. She enjoys spending time snuggling with the tiniest members of her family and playing outside in all seasons. And when her human parents leave for work, she can’t wait for them to come back home.

Because it makes her anxious when her family leaves home without her, she’s got an extra special routine to help make herself feel safe and loved again. Whenever her dad, Reddit user Justin Grosjean, leaves the house, she takes one of his shoes to her bed to cuddle with.

Luckily for Luna, she’s not usually completely alone. Her dad leaves for work every day, but her mom and the kids are often home to spend lots of quality time with her. However, that does make things a lot harder for her when she actually is left alone. One particular day, Luna’s human mom and the kiddos were out of the house on a little trip, and her human dad went on an errand and left her at home alone.

Sad pup (nothing to do with the story)

This mini bully apparently thought her entire family had left her for good, because she went around the house and gathered up every shoe she could find in some sort of effort to replace her family members with the smell of their feet. Grosjean came home and found her shoe pile and was touched by her display of affection. He snapped a photo of her looking nervous and distraught but wagging her tail like crazy, happy to see her human dad again. Grosjean posted the photo to Reddit.

“When I leave the house my dog takes one of my shoes and lays with it (she never chews them),” Grosjean wrote on Reddit. “Well, this weekend my wife and kids were out of town and I went to Home Depot for 30 minutes and came home to this. I think she panicked and thought we all left. Broke my heart.”

The photo has gone viral, with tons of people commenting on the poor doggie’s obvious love for her human family. One particular Reddit user, ‘schnoodledoodledo’, was so touched by the photo and story, in fact, that they wrote this hilarious and heartwarming poem:

“When daddy leaves the house, I have to go n find a shoe
It’s not like I destroy it, but it’s what I like to do
To go n find a special one, n bring it to my bed
It comforts me n makes me think that he is here instead
but once when mommy took the kids, daddy went out, too
I did my thing n found a shoe, but then I wanted two,
n then I got another, n another made it four
n soon I was surrounded by my dad’s shoes on the floor…
the smell of him surrounded me – I finally could rest
n then I heard his FOOTSTEPS – that’s the sound I like the best!
You see, I truly love this guy, much more than you’d believe…
(Tonight I’m taking ALL his shoes – so he can *Never* leave! ;)”

Who wouldn’t love a dog as wonderfully loving as Luna? Bull terriers sometimes get a bad rap for their stocky and powerful builds, but they’re also very gentle and affectionate family members, and Luna is one example of just how strongly they’re capable of caring for their human loved ones.

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