This bear cub’s perseverance proves that you only fail when you stop trying


Nature is so ruthless sometimes. And there are animals who need to endure some real though conditions in order to survive. Siberia is definitely a place like this. Only the strongest could survive in this frozen land. And for a little bear cub life is nothing but easy.

Earlier this week a video showing a mother bear and his months-old cub are trying to climb a snowy mountainside. The dramatic footage was initially shared by What Did I Just Watch and it shortly went viral with more than 60 millions views in a couple of days.

Image source:What Did I Just Watch?/Screenshot

What makes this video absolutely incredible is the cub’s perseverance to climb the mountainside. Captured by a drone, the scene seems to be the perfect example of how you could succeed if you never, ever give up!

While for his mother climbing seems to be a pretty easy task, the little cub struggles to reach the top of the hill and falls back for multiple times. But still he doesn’t quit, even if reaching his mom again seems to be an impossible task.

Image source:What Did I Just Watch?/Screenshot


Showing a lot of determination, the little bear knows there’s only one option. Making the impossible possible or die.

And after some few unsuccessful attempts he finally did it!

Watch the heartwarming scene bellow!

Video credit: What Did I Just Watch?