This clever crow looks to go out of its way to share food with a hungry mouse

Have you ever heard of Aesop’s famous tale about the crow drinking water? When the crow was thirsty, he found a pot of water, but it had a long spout and the water didn’t reach his beak. So what did the clever little bird do?

It brought little pebbles and stones and threw them into the pot making the water rise till it was near the spout. The crow flew away with his thirst quenched. This is a short summary of one of the most common fables from Aesop, the ancient Greek story teller.

But one does not need him to know that crows are extremely intelligent creatures. The biggest proof of their intelligence and adaptability, is their sheer range. They survive in all the major cities in the world, along with wild habitats. They are true omnivores and hunt too, when required. But this video is not about how intelligent the birds are. It is about how kind they are.

In this video, you will see a crow sharing what appears to be food, with one of its biggest adversaries in an urban environment: a mouse. You can actually see it going out of its way, leaving the rest of the chunk of bread unguarded to give the mouse a piece!

Anyway this ain’t the first time when crows’ remarkable intelligence is bring into discussion. A BBC Earth documentary shows how a crow is able to solve some pretty difficult puzzle. Watch the video bellow to convince yourself!


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