This googly-eyed shelter kitten is the new internet sensation

Being special doesn’t make you different, we might say about this little cuteness. In fact, it does make you much more adorable, in this particularly situation.

Humane Society for Hamilton County is a shelter in Indiana where thousands of stray animals are being cared for. The shelter’s volunteers are treating all animals equal, with the same love and compassion. However, when this kitten stepped in, she got immediately noticed. And what actually caught the staff’s attention was her eyes.

While it’s pretty common for Siamese cats to have crossed eyes, in this case were that adorable look that steal the volunteers hearts. Therefore, the staff at the shelter thought it might be really easy for such an adorable little creature to shortly find a fever home. But it wasn’t. So one of the volunteers decided to share some photos with the googly-eyed kitten online, where she became an internet sensation overnight.

And the special kitten not only became famous all over the internet, but she has found a new lovely family, too.

“Where is this kitty located? My boyfriend really wants to adopt him!” wrote her future fur mom.

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