Homeless man always feeds stray cats before himself

Money doesn’t make you rich, your heart does. And this guy’s kindness is enormous. His love for helpless animals, as well. Despite he’s living on the streets, this man in Thailand does everything in his power to get some food for the stray cats he’s taking care of.

Loong Dum, a homeless man from Thailand has recently became an internet sensation. It all started when Warunya Wattanasupachoke spotted him selling limes. But what actually caught the woman’s attention, was a sign saying: “20 baht(the official currency of Thailand) per bag, profits will pay for stray cat’s food expenses.”

Warunya immediately bought all the limes, but that’s not all. She also decided to share some photos of Loong on Facebook, so people to find out about his big heart. The man, doesn’t have a home for years and he use to sleep in the local train station. But that doesn’t stop him to sell limes every day in order to fed the cats who also live on the streets.

“We shouldn’t judge someone based on their appearance,” Warunya said. “Take Loong Dum for example. Though he is homeless and rugged-looking, he has a big heart.” And her post didn’t go unnoticed. Loong’s incredible love and kindness to animals touched people’s hearts and Warunya’s post went viral.

A lot of Thai people started to donate food for both the cats and their angel. Loong also received new clothes and he even got a new haircut.

“I’m fine with skipping meals, but the cat needs to eat,” the kind-hearted man said when asked why he’s doing it. Loong Dum you’re an angel!

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