This is Taylor, one of the hero dogs rescuing koalas from Australian bushfires

The bushfire crisis in Australia seems to be endless and with an unprecedented impact on the country’s wildlife. So far, more than a billion animals have died in the wildfires, including thousands of koalas and kangaroos, birds and reptiles. But despite living such desperate times, the people of Australia are trying to help. Thousands of volunteers came along the brave firefighters who’re trying to stop the devastating fires, while many others are sometimes risking their own lives to help the innocent animals. But let’s not forget about the unexpected help that came from some well trained four-legged heroes

Some special trained dogs are helping the rescue. They are able to sniff out koala fur. One of these heroes is Tailor – a 4-year-old English Springer Spaniel. According to, the hero pup managed to save 15 koalas from the recent bushfires.

Over the last three years, Taylor and her human dad (and trainer) Ryan Tate, have traveled across the Eastern coast of Australia to rescue the country’s iconic mammals. At least 50 koalas have been rescued by the brave’s dog fine nose.

“She’s trained to sniff out [koala’s] fur and their scats,” the dog’s trainer said. “When the air is still, the smell of the animal actually drops down from the tree, and she [Tailor] can smell them and she’ll sit right below them and point up to them and show us where they are.”

According to Josey Sharrad, campaigner at International Fund for Animal Welfare told the Brisbane Times,”saving individual koalas is critical,” And with the help of these brave sniffing dogs things are getting a little bit easier.

h/t: 6abc Action News

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